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St. Muredach's Cathedral Fundraising

The Draw took place in the Newman Institute, Ballina, Co. Mayo on Sunday 16th April 2017

On behalf of the fundraising committee, we would like to thank
Sr. Attracta Tighe who acted as MC , Bishop Fleming who spoke and Superintendent Joe Doherty who supervised the Draw.

Renovation work on St. Muredach’s Cathedral which will celebrate its bicentenary in 2017 (1827-2017)

Phase 1 (October 2014 to the present)

Works already completed

St. Muredach's Cathedral Fundraising Repairs to the trusses that support the beautiful ceiling of the cathedral by O’Malley Building Contractors which involved the replacement of the timber damaged by water ingression and the re-plastering of the ceilings by George O’Malley and his team who also did the plasterwork on the fire-damaged Longford Cathedral.

St. Muredach's Cathedral Fundraising Repointing of the exterior walls except for the Tower Section to allow the walls to breathe and not retain moisture

St. Muredach's Cathedral Fundraising Re-leading on top of the exterior walls where the pinnacles and parapets meet to prevent moisture seeping down through the walls

St. Muredach's Cathedral FundraisingLightening protection works to update the lightening conductor system

St. Muredach's Cathedral FundraisingThe repair and cleaning of the mosaic

St. Muredach's Cathedral Fundraising The tying up of the ceiling (metal discs inserted every six inches and tied to lines of wire on the attic side of the ceiling to secure the plaster work

( an area of this ceiling in front of the gallery has still to be tied up. It will be completed as part of the painting of the cathedral)

St. Muredach's Cathedral Fundraising Repairs to the Steeple

When Rainey-Steeplejacks were checking the lightening conductor system on the Cathedral Steeple, they discovered that the existing anchorage for the main cross had severely corroded and had lifted the stonework, at the top of the spire, as far down as the eight stone course from the top.

The top eight courses of stone had to be dismantled to remove the old anchorage system and replace it with a new stainless steel anchorage system. Then the eight stone courses were rebuilt and the main cross which has been stripped and repainted will be shortly reinstated. They were repairs made as well to fractured/damaged stones on the steeple, to the bell headstock and mountings which were cleaned back and treated with a primer and finish coat. A new hood- moulding will be put in place above the marble plaque on the tower door in the new year.

St. Muredach's Cathedral FundraisingTotal cost of the work to date: € 2,255375

St. Muredach's Cathedral Fundraising Bank Loan so far drawn down of € 1,338,170.91 and €917,204.09 from the Parish used to pay for the work to date.

St. Muredach's Cathedral Fundraising The breakdown of the €917,204.09 from the Parish is as follows:

312, 979-Weekly Cathedral Restoration Envelope Collection up to 30.09.2016

136,881- private donations

62,013 – fundraiser

18,989 – other parishes

250,000 – diocesan contribution

136,342.09 from the parish account


Phase 2

Works to be completed

St. Muredach's Cathedral Fundraising Painting of the cathedral

St. Muredach's Cathedral Fundraising Rewiring of the cathedral

St. Muredach's Cathedral Fundraising New lighting

St. Muredach's Cathedral Fundraising New fire alarm system

St. Muredach's Cathedral Fundraising New sound system

St. Muredach's Cathedral Fundraising Refurbishment of the adoration chapel

To pay for this second phase of the cathedral renovation, it will be necessary to fundraise as the present weekly cathedral restoration collection just about covers the weekly €2,500 repayments to the bank for the loan of €1,338,170.91 already drawn down to pay for the works completed (€ 2,255375) to the ceiling, mosaic and the exterior of the cathedral.  

Please support the second phase of the Cathedral Renovations by using the donate button on this website.

If you donate €100 or its equivalent in other currencies to the Cathedral Renovation Fund, your name will be included in the Cathedral Fundraising Draw which takes place on Easter Sunday April 16, 2017.

We will also send you an email containing your raffle/s ticket/s for your personal records
The results of the Raffle Draw will be posted on the website and our facebook page.

Details of prizes in the Cathedral Restoration Fundraising Draw

               Download  a PDF of the prizes HERE

St. Muredach's Cathedral Fundraising


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